The Tokyo Olympics could face vacancies at events in 2021 even if fans are allowed to attend the newly arranged games in Japan. Almost a fifth of all ticket sales are to be reimbursed

The Olympics were supposed to be held in the summer of 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the organizers of the games to push back the event but promised to host the games in 2021.

However, it appears that the organizers’ trust has not been returned by the fans. The Olympic Organizing Committee admitted Thursday that 810,000 of the 4.45 million tickets sold had been reimbursed – a figure that represents 18 percent of tickets sold for the Games.

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Requests or refunds had to be submitted by November 2020 after the games were postponed, and refunds are expected to be processed by December.

“While we plan to resell the refunded tickets, it has not yet been decided how and when they will be resold,” said the organizers.

The status of the games in terms of attendance remains uncertain and no decision on fans is expected until spring 2021.

It means there is likely to be a maddening rush for tickets from those who can travel and attend, but if travel restrictions remain strict and concerns about social distancing and mass gatherings persist, the 2021 games can be played in front of empty stands – or maybe not at all.

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