A Hollywood Life report today suggested that Travis Scott was making time for his own family to hang out with Kylie Jenner and their daughter Stormi Webster who is currently 2 years old. The point of sale claims Scott was with Stormi and Kylie for that Thanksgiving Day.

On November 25, it was announced that Travis ScottThe Cactus Jack Foundation attended celebrations in his hometown but was not there for them. A source said Travis wanted to hang out with Kylie and Stormi for Thanksgiving instead of staying in Texas.

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The source said the party went on as usual in his hometown, but he wanted to hang out with his daughter and baby mom. Kylie, Travis, Stormi, and the rest of the Kar Jenner clan are currently enjoying their time in Palm Springs.


According to Hollywood Life, Travis has been spending a lot more time with Kylie and Stormi in recent months, which has led fans to wonder if the rapper and Kylie are back together or not. Neither Travis nor Kylie have confirmed the rumors.

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Travis reportedly posted “Heavvvy” on one of her Instagram photos in the comments section, leading many to believe that they are back together recently after their split. Hollywood Life sources have stated that Kylie and Travis aren’t actually back together, but that is how they act when they are together.

As most know, it’s been a big year for Travis Scott, who recently started partnering with a few companies on their marketing campaigns, including Sony and McDonalds. For example, this year it was reported that Scott would act as the narrator for a Playstation 5 commercial.

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Additionally, Travis and McDonalds partnered for a limited-time hamburger that came with a ton of goods. Travis and McDonald’s even released a Chicken McNugget pillow that sold for around $ 90.

Not everyone loved it including fellow rappers NLE Choppa and Alexis Skyy from Hot New Hip Hop. For example, Choppa told fans not to eat it and Alexis said it was so bad that she wanted to throw up after eating it.


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