President Donald Trump and his campaign have raised more than $ 170 million from supporters since election day alone, CNN reported. But as Trump’s days at the White House are slowly coming to an end, that money could do more than just fund the campaign’s efforts, Trevor Noah joked on Tuesday.

During the Daily Show, the host explained that the finances raised from backers could result in typical costs – legal remedies, campaign costs … and Trump’s personal affairs?

“I see you Donald, I see you,” Noah nodded sly to the President. “Here we thought you were just questioning the election results, shit, you were just hustlin. ”

Noah criticized Trump for using his supporters to continue funding his various actions even after his term of office comes to an end. While maybe not the most ethical thing, Noah said that taking sponsorship money is certainly ambitious, quipping, “The only thing he doesn’t have to tell is his balls because this man clearly has a massive couple to go out with like this.”

“It’s one thing to steal the shampoo bottles from the hotel, but Trump takes the piano in the lobby and indoor pool,” joked Noah.

The Daily Show host also poked fun at a viral video in which Arizona Governor Doug Ducey appeared to ignore a call from the White House while silencing the phone during live confirmation of election results.

Check out the full segment from The Daily Show above.


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