Tyler Perry He’s reportedly helping 5,000 with his awesome food giveaway event. The shadow room has all the details available, which you can check out below.

Perry is already known for his charitable gestures and will continue his steps in late 2020.

TSR noted, “With the holidays knocking on the door, his kind act is no different, and over the weekend he helped feed thousands of families in the Atlanta area with Thanksgiving coming this week.”

TSR, citing information from Variety, noted that “Tyler Perry was holding a Thanksgiving Food Giveaway at his studios, distributing non-perishable groceries and gift cards to at least 5,000 local families, subject to availability.”

“The distribution of the food was carried out as a transit as the families had to stay in their cars to receive the food. The event drew thousands and created a long line of cars that added to the traffic in the area, ”TSR continued, saying.

We encourage you to read the full caption in the post above.

Someone said, “Say what you want, Tyler Perry does work,” and a commenter posted this message, “If you use your gifts for the common good!”

One commenter said, “I waited in line for 2 hours for a $ 50 gift card from Kroger and it didn’t work. What did he give us?”

Someone else posted this message: ‘This man is MAJESTIC. Protect him, sir, “and another follower said,” You still owe Monique an apology, sir, so get on with it. “

One commenter said, “This is the positive news that needs to be shared,” and another follower wrote this: “He does everything but apologize to Monique.”

Tyler Perry became a billionaire last year. Much to the chagrin of the critics, he has a loyal audience that he will continue to serve.

He had something to tell critics.


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