The security forces’ withdrawal comes a day after a court ruled that his detention was “unlawful” since the January 14 elections.

Ugandan troops have withdrawn from the home of opposition leader and pop star Bobi Wine and ended his house arrest since the January 14 elections won by longtime President Yoweri Museveni.

The withdrawal of the security forces announced by the government to protect Bobi Wine was in line with a court order on Monday.

The court had called his detention “unlawful”.

A local correspondent for the Reuters news agency confirmed the move, although Bobi Wine was not due to appear on his large site in a leafy northern suburb of the capital Kampala this morning.

38-year-old Bobi Wine had been besieged at home since being elected in the presidential election when he saw a wave of disillusionment among the youth to question Museveni’s 34-year rule.

The incumbent was declared the winner with 59 percent of the vote, compared to 35 percent for Bobi Wine, who had denounced corruption and nepotism in his songs for years. The opposition rejected the result, alleging fraud, which the government denies.

Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi, who reports from neighboring Kenya, said a roadblock about 600 meters from Wine’s house had been removed, according to Monday’s court ruling.

“Wine supporters are definitely relieved as they are pushing for the security restrictions to be lifted.

“Many of his supporters and electoral team arrested in recent months are still in detention. He hopes they will be released,” Soi said.

The Al Jazeera correspondent said Bobi Wine held a meeting with newly elected MPs to discuss the way forward and how those MPs can make a difference in Parliament.

Museveni seems to reckon he can ease pressure from Western allies to free his rival without putting his power base at significant risk.

Former rebel leader Museveni (76) has long been an ally of the West. He received ample aid and sent troops to trouble spots, including Somalia, to fight armed groups.

But foreign governments are increasingly frustrated that he is unwilling to give up power and cracks down on opponents.


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