Undefeated ten-fight UFC Serbian star Dusko Todorovic is looking to upgrade his growing reputation when he faces undefeated fighter Punahele Soriano in Abu Dhabi and says his support is growing in MMA-mad Russia.

Todorovic previously informed RT Sport that he sees himself as “Novak Djokovic of MMA” and that he is revolutionizing the still growing sport of mixed martial arts in his home country.

But even before his second fight as a full member of the UFC list on Saturday, he noticed a strong interest in him by Russian fight fans.

“”[A lot of] The press reported on my success and the victory, “said Todorovic before his second appearance on” Fight Island “.

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“It was a bit unexpected. It felt good that someone recognized the success that me and my team had achieved for the country because we represented Serbia.

“It felt good that so many people recognized this and supported us. A lot of people who didn’t know me are following me now.

“They became fans, you could say, and I’m really happy that we’re spreading the good influence over our people in Serbia.

“Not only in Serbia. The entire Balkan region follows [and] Support, so I’m very happy about it. “

As anyone vaguely familiar with martial arts will testify, the pressures of having a country’s expectations on your shoulders can be a strain, but Todorovic says he cannot shirk such responsibility.

Instead, he hugs it.

“To be honest, I don’t feel any pressure,” he said. “I won’t let myself be put under pressure. My performance is my performance and nobody can influence that.

“I think we did our homework and prepared well for this fight – and that’s it. Not a lot of people watching can pressure me or make me lose sleep when I get to a fight.”

As Todorovic brings more and more victories to his career book, he notices that he is swelling his fan base extraordinarily.

Each fight brings with it legions of new social media followers from the Balkans and even Russia, where he says his support is simmering well.

“A lot of digital media have written articles about my previous win and this upcoming game,” he said.

“I definitely noticed it from this foreign media – the biggest support definitely comes from Russia.”

During Todorovic’s flawless career, he didn’t make a decision until his fight in Dana White’s Contender Series in August 2019 – he hadn’t even seen a third round at that point.

An accusation sometimes made against fast finishers like the Serbs is that they lack experience in close fights, many of which have a tendency to distance themselves.

But that’s not an issue that concerns him.

“I was confident back when I was a competitor,” he said. I was confident on my debut – I’m confident now because we are always trying to improve.

“We always learn something new, but after my fight in the Contender Series I gained a different level of confidence because I have never seen a three-round fight at such a fast pace and pace.”

“When I am experiencing this, I feel a little lighter. When we go into deep water, I know I can handle the pressure.

“My cardio can handle it. It definitely feels good to be able to overcome these difficulties.”

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