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Vietnam reported its first local transmission of COVID-19 in almost three months on Monday. Officials tried to prevent another outbreak in the country’s most populous city.

The communist nation was greeted earlier this year with strict movement restrictions, extensive quarantine measures and a robust track and trace regime for fighting the pandemic.

However, late Monday the Ministry of Health announced it had discovered coronavirus in a 32-year-old man in Ho Chi Minh City, a relative of a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant who tested positive over the weekend.

“There was a temporary lockdown in places (in the city) the patient had visited,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that dozens of people who were in contact with the recent case have been quarantined had been.

Vietnam has recorded just 1,347 coronavirus cases and 35 deaths in a country of 95 million.

Life in the country has almost returned to normal in the past nearly three months, despite a summer outbreak in the seaside resort town of Danang that put health officials back on alert.

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