Just in case you didn’t know, there has been some backlash Vogie has received regarding the feature Kamala Harris on the cover. The Shade Room reported more details on the matter last week, and the social media account has news.

TSR notes that last week Fashion There was massive backlash for the February cover featuring Vice President Kamala Harris.

Many commented that Kamala looked too casual and “washed out” in a black jacket and sneakers by Chuck Taylor. The magazine announced that it has decided to release an alternate cover featuring Vice President Harris in a light blue suit on a gold background, ”said TSR.

TSR also reported on the fact that Vogue wrote in a statement on its website: “In recognition of the tremendous interest in the digital cover and the celebration of this historic moment, we will be releasing a limited number of the opening editions of the special.”

TSR also made sure Vogue initially responded to the controversy with an official statement last week.

The prestigious online publication found the shot of her in the blue suit also featured on a digital cover of the issue: “The Vogue team loved the pictures Tyler Mitchell took and felt it was The more informal image that Vice-President-elected Harris captured has an authentic, approachable nature – which we believe is one of the hallmarks of the Biden / Harris administration. ‘

Someone said, ‘I see. She took the picture, but the cover wanted it to be more elegant, especially to suit her position. The inside photos should show the addressable side or whatever. ‘

One commenter wrote: “Make her look presentable, not like a substitute teacher. That should be FASHION! ‘

Another follower said, “What if she wanted to wear this anyway?” and one follower said, “There is nothing wrong with the original that has her AKA colors and style that really shows her true self.”


Stay tuned to find out more about the new administration in the US!


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