Washington Football Team’s NFL team, which has faced allegations of sexual harassment, including allegations by former team dancers, has sparked a disheveled response after eliminating cheerleaders for the first time in 50 seasons.

Petra Pope, the team’s new Senior Advisor, has announced that the team will from now on be introducing a mixed dance group for game day entertainment with the aim of improving the “super athlete’s skills”.

Former long-time manager of the popular Los Angeles Knicks team, the Lakers Girls, also said racing calendar shots were being dropped.

Some of you voted in favor. Just own it. Pull these covers up to your chin. Culture awakened and canceled … have fun!

– Natitude (@SigSomd) March 3, 2021

The team had allegations last year that club staff created videos of outtakes from calendar footage when the women involved weren’t fully dressed, despite the franchise denying the existence of videos the Washington Post claims to have seen, as well as a team lawyer and owner Daniel Snyder said the matter had been “resolved”.

“We want to be more inclusive, so we’re going to invite a Coed unit [to audition]”Pope told USA Today Sports.

🤡 Let’s take chances to women and give them to men! A coed circus is coming up!

– Hannah (@ HannahSeidel12) March 3, 2021

So they violated the cheerleaders’ privacy and the cheerleaders are being punished. These women work hard to support this sad team at every game and what for? SMH.

– B Mon (@ p3nnyriding) March 3, 2021

“We’re able to do and lift more things with the strength of a man. That has changed a lot. The inclusiveness, strength and interest of choreography have changed.”

The news was not received well online. While some supported the idea as progressive and a larger contingent expressed their indifference, the majority seemed puzzled by the move.

I don’t understand how bad this is? Check out major productions, films, stage shows, etc. I look forward to it.

– WashingtonHokie (@ eals4birds) March 3, 2021

Equal! I think it’ll be a lot more fun and less awkward to watch.

– 🚀GottaDisagree🚀 (@GottaDisagree) March 3, 2021

“We’re so soft,” said one while another added, “‘Inclusivity’ went wrong.

“It’s so hard to be a fan of this team. Ten years ago it would have been crazy for me to say that.”

Critics referred to the team, which changed its name from the Washington Redskins last year due to cultural sensitivity, as the “Woke Franchise” and “Coed Circus”.

Some observers also felt that removing the existing cheerleaders who could audition again was an odd way to respond to concerns from some former dancers, although the team insisted that the move had nothing to do with allegations or incidents.

Good / no matter. Not all teams have them anyway and I don’t think they add anything. Not a halftime dance show either, but I’m busy overpaying for beer and bad food at this time anyway. 🙄

– Print with 4 (@MikeKordosky) March 3, 2021

If there is a split in the penis, I’m out

– RC (@BJHooSkin) March 3, 2021

USA Today Sports said a source said the team reached an agreement with former cheerleaders last year, subject to anonymity as they were not allowed to publicly disclose confidential terms of the deal.

About the calendar, Pope said: “At this point, when we are rethinking what it looks like, it is not in the plans.

lol. “Inclusivity” went wrong. It’s so hard to be a fan of this team. 10 years ago it would have been crazy for me to say that

– @ElLeonSordo 🇨🇺🇺🇸 (@ elleonsordo1) March 3, 2021

No male soccer fan wants boys to dance instead of cheerleaders

– Hunter (@ MrAuthority7) March 3, 2021

“We’re going to move to a more modern entity and that most likely won’t be part of it.

“Right now we’re thinking of a modern, modern franchise. A calendar is not part of that process.”

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