Heinicke – Taylor freaking out Heinicke – was also responsible for the night’s most formidable game, an eight-yard battle for a touchdown in the third quarter with Chase Young running on the field to face him and star quarterback Patrick von Celebrating Kansas City Chiefs Mahomes wondered what the hell he had just seen. Heinicke, who may have sparked a run on Heineken in the DC area, later revealed that he had a disconnected AC joint in his left shoulder during the game but never missed a snap.

Heinicke completed 26 of 44 passes and his numbers would have been even better if his broad recipients had been a little more secure. Cam Sims, recovering to have a nice game of seven catches for 104 yards, threw a deep ball on a postal route on the second game. Isaiah Wright, Sims Jr., and JD McKissic also had drops. For what it’s worth, Heinicke was once saved by a fall when Buccaneer’s safety Jordan Whitehead had an interception attempt right through his hands.

Hail: Morgan Moses Pancake Stollen

The right tackle Morgan Moses and the offensive line limited the Buccaneers to two sacks, giving Heinicke enough time to throw much of the night. Moses did his part in carrying blueberry pancake stollen. The custom flapjack footwear was a nod to the “Morgan Moses Pancakes” IHOPs in the area added to their menu last week for the day following a social media campaign run by some local teenagers.

NBC featured Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Montez Sweat and Chase Young – the four defenders Washington selected in the first round of the NFL draft over the past four years – “Maroon 4,” which brought back memories of Jim Zorn At his introductory press conference in 2008, he referred to Washington’s colors, which are burgundy and gold, as maroon and black.

The nickname was far worse than the game of foursome, though it was an unusually quiet night for the defense. Payne forced a fumble that resulted in a touchdown and two of Washington’s three sacks, but after carrying the team for most of the season, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio’s unit didn’t do enough. Brady passed for 380 yards and two touchdowns while Leonard Fournette ran back for 93 yards and got 43 yards.

Hagel: History on the Edge

The first NFL playoff game with coaches on both sides took place on Saturday. Jennifer King is Ron Rivera’s assistant, while Lori Locust and Maral Javadifar are employed by Bruce Arians. The trio posed for a photo before the game. Locust, an assistant to the defensive coach, and Javadifar, an assistant to the strength and conditioning coach, were both hired in 2019, making the Bucs the only team in the NFL with two coaches. Rivera hired King as a year-round coaching intern in February.

Failure: Troy Apkes Touchback

Rivera wasn’t happy with the position on Saturday, and for good reason. The referees missed a pass interference call against cornerback Carlton Davis in the first half and demanded a questionable holding penalty against Brandon Scherff, which Heinicke destroyed a first descent in the second half.

On a tress way punt in the third quarter, officials called a touchback after Troy Apke picked up the bouncing ball at the 7-yard line and walked into the end zone. He wasn’t sure if he met Ryan Smith of Tampa Bay after hitting the ground. During the broadcast, NBC rules expert Terry McAulay said it was “common sense” [the rule] should not have been applied ”in this case. (Even if the ball had hit Smith, Washington shouldn’t have advanced him.)

This was not how Smith’s remarkable comeback season should end. Two years and 17 operations after a leg injury that threatened his life, Smith endured months of arduous rehab to face the odds and return to the field in October. Washington went 5-1 in the games he started, including the NFC East win in Philadelphia last week, but the calf strain he’s been dealing with since week 14 has limited him in training this week and he was for the game inactive. It’s unclear whether Smith will be part of Washington’s plans in 2021.

Failure: Washington playoffs win drought

When the Buccaneers won their first playoff game since winning the Lombardi Trophy after the 2002 season, they extended Washington’s playoff win drought to 15 seasons. Washington exceeded expectations in Rivera’s first year, but the franchise is still aiming for its first playoff win since January 2006.


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