Police patrol the streets in protective clothing as authorities continue testing the second day in the Jordan region of Hong Kong on Jan. 24. Peter Parks / AFP / Getty Images

Hong Kong has temporarily banned residents of coronavirus hotspots – a first in the city’s fight against Covid-19.

In a statement released early Saturday, the Hong Kong government issued a “Restriction Test Statement” urging residents from parts of the bustling neighborhood of Jordan to remain on their premises and undergo government-arranged mandatory tests.

Jordan on the Kowloon Peninsula is a dense and thriving urban area with high-rise apartments, businesses and restaurants. The restricted area includes Temple Street, which is home to the tourist night market.

Approximately 10,000 residents are affected by the lockdown, the government information bureau told CNN on Saturday.

Residents of buildings in the designated area are prohibited from leaving their homes until testing is complete. The government says the mandatory testing is expected to take 48 hours.

Hong Kong’s Environment Minister Wong Kam-sin said in a press conference on Saturday that water from the pipes of several buildings in the area will be tested to see if the coronavirus is spreading in sewage.

In a separate statement on Saturday, the Hong Kong government announced that roads in the “restricted area” will be closed to traffic.

Hong Kong recorded 61 new Covid-19s on Friday, including 55 local transmissions.


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