How often are NFL players tested?

NFL players are tested daily during the regular season, except on match days. The final tests will be carried out the morning before the games. Any coach, player or employee who has an inconclusive result of the test the day before the game can be released to play on the day of the match with a negative test result, provided the result is available at least two hours before kick-off.

Last week, the NFL and the players’ union announced that daily testing would continue indefinitely, except on match days. The league also announced that players and coaches will not be allowed to leave their cities during their bye weeks.

What if a player tests positive?

If a player tests positive, what happens next depends on whether they are showing symptoms of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, or are asymptomatic.

If a player tests positive and shows symptoms: The player cannot return until at least 10 days have passed since the player first reported symptoms and at least 72 hours has passed since the symptoms last appeared. The player’s return must be approved by the team doctor after consulting the NFL Chief Medical Officer and must comply with local regulations.

If a player tests positive and shows no symptoms: The player cannot return until 10 days have passed since the first positive test, or the player tests negative in sequential PCR tests separated by 24 hours. The player’s return must be approved by the team doctor, after consulting the NFL’s chief medical officer.

What is the Covid-19 reserve list?

Players who test positive or have been quarantined or isolate after being in close contact with an infected person or individuals will be placed on the Covid-19 reserve list, a new category of injured reserves created this season has been.

So who is on the list? Who has tested positive?

Although there is a Covid Reserve list, it does not indicate which players have tested positive for the coronavirus. According to the protocol worked out between the league and the players, teams are not allowed to reveal that a player has tested positive, and the presence of a player on the Covid Reserve list does not necessarily mean that they have tested positive. For example, he could have come into close contact with someone who tested positive.

Among the players who tested positive are Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore and quarterback Cam Newton. Officially, however, only players are allowed to disclose whether they have tested positive. Few positive tests are published, e.g. B. Two Tennessee players who received positive coronavirus test results on Wednesday, or the 18 positive tests among players and staff the previous week that resulted in the week 4 game against the Steelers being postponed.

What does that mean for week 5?

Washington Post’s Mark Maske reported that another Titans player received a positive coronavirus test result on Thursday and that another player whose result was inconclusive on Wednesday tested a positive Thursday. The NFL didn’t allow the Titans to reopen their team facility as planned on Wednesday after Tennessee failed to see positive tests on Monday or Tuesday. The Raiders, the third team to receive a positive test on Wednesday, were allowed to train by the league as they only had one case among their players. They did not report any new positive cases on Thursday.

The Patriots didn’t train Wednesday or Thursday after Gilmore got his positive test result as it was the third for New England in the past five days (Newton and training team defender Bill Murray were the other players who tested positive) . The Patriots had no new positive tests Thursday morning, Mask reported, but coach Bill Belichick confirmed the team facility would remain closed until Thursday.

Mask said there were no new positive tests among the Titans or Patriots on Friday, an encouraging sign if the NFL is looking to get its schedule back on track. However, a New York Jets player learned of a “presumed positive” test result on Friday. The team sent their players and coaches home out of caution, and the player will be retested. New York will host the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

On Thursday, the NFL announced that it had postponed week 5 games with the Titans and Patriots. The Tennessee-Buffalo game, originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon, will now be played Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Eastern and will be televised by CBS, but only if the Titans are able to avoid further positive tests and continue practicing. If this game is played on Tuesday, the Bills Chiefs game scheduled for Thursday evening of week six will be postponed later this weekend.

The Patriots-Broncos game originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon will now be played on Monday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern and will be televised by ESPN.

For one, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is not enthusiastic about the schedule disruptions. Pittsburgh had to say goodbye in week 4 after the league postponed their game with the Titans last weekend, and Roethlisberger said Wednesday the Steelers had “the short end of the racket”.

Pittsburgh will now have to play the Titans in Week 7 and the Ravens in Week 8

How is the league reacting to these new outbreaks?

Mask reported that the NFL and its players’ union are investigating whether a group of Titans players have gathered for practice alone for the past week, in violation of a league order they did not get together last week for for any reason. Tennessee could face discipline in the league – potential game losses or loss of draft picks, Commissioner Roger Goodell said this week – if its players were found to have violated the league’s coronavirus protocols.

Titan’s coach Mike Vrabel has claimed the team did not break league rules.


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