The Presidential Debate Commission will allow Vice President Mike Pence not to have plexiglass barriers around Wednesday’s debate, a member of the Debate Commission told CNN, but both Senator Kamala Harris and the Debate Moderator are allowed to put transparent barriers between them and the Vice President.

The commission and both campaigns have met all day to work out details of the last minute debate, the commissioner said and will meet again later that evening where the commission expects to resolve any outstanding issues.

“She’s the one who wanted plexiglass. So if she has plexiglass around her to be cut off from everyone else, that’s fine,” said the commissioner. “If he doesn’t want plexiglass, it’s up to him.”

The Commissioner added that it was not necessary for Plexiglas to surround pence to lead the debate.

It did after the commission announced that plexiglass would serve as a barrier to the candidates’ separation on Monday, prompting the Pence team to push back the proposed changes again to take coronavirus into account.

The idea of ​​Harris standing up for the debate went “out the window” weeks ago after the Harris team proposed it to the Commission. The Commission responded by stating that this was a sedentary debate and that they could only change it if the Pence team agreed.

As for the idea of ​​having the upcoming presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump outdoors because of the coronavirus, the commissioner says that is not true and that they “do not know where this report is from”.


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