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White House communications director Alyssa Farah told reporters at the White House she expected you to hear from President Trump today.

Farah defended the photo opportunity of the president and the photographer close to him on the Truman Balcony Monday night, which she claimed gave strength to foreign allies and adversaries.

“In these moments in our country, it is very important that the Commander-in-Chief show confidence in our local people, but it is also very important for our allies and opponents to look carefully to see if he projects an image of strength. And that’s exactly what he did last night. Precautions have been taken. His mask wasn’t removed until he was away from others, ”she said, adding that the photographer on the balcony was just a“ brief interaction ”.

Farah said Trump was looking forward to the October 15 presidential debate and would join as a “survivor”.

“He is ready and I think he will develop a new way of thinking about the coronavirus. He’s firsthand, you know, lost friends, worried about Americans, but now he’s coming as a survivor himself and I think you will hear that in his debate, ”she said.

In Trump’s video message, she suggested: “While Americans are using the methods of safe damage control that have been known since the virus began, they must return to normal life.”

These comments, in turn, contradict what was publicly practiced in the White House.

Farah claimed that the White House “always” takes public health precautions, despite constantly holding non-social distancing events and actively avoiding masks, but suggested taking “even more” precautions if the West Wing is diagnosed with the Presidents and First Lady grapple Several staff members and others in the President’s orbit test positive for a highly contagious airborne virus that is likely to infect other close contacts.

Re-emphasizing the fact that the administration simply did not apply basic abatement practices, she said, “We are comfortable working here, those of us who are still here. We’re taking precautions in the west wing. It is a serious time. We have to wash our hands, we have to wear masks if we cannot distance ourselves socially, ”she said.

When asked if the pandemic would become a central part of Trump’s campaign news, she said it was “one of the most important things that affects our country” and reiterated Trump’s message not to be afraid of the virus. “That day is the most likely day that you will survive and receive treatment for coronavirus in the US than ever before, as this president is in the lead and he has prepared us to deal with it.”

Regarding the president’s condition, she said he had “improved dramatically and rapidly” despite the lack of transparency in recent days, reiterating that he was “out of the woods”.

Trump, she said, is “energetic” and executives are telling him to “slow the pace”.

She also suggested that he “meet with senior advisors” while recovering from the coronavirus: “He’s here at the White House. He is phoning. He meets with senior advisors, his priorities centered on the American people. ”


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