Larsa Pippen was on her social media account this Friday to let her fans and followers know that she has signed COVID-19. It didn’t take long before she put it out, however. Page 6 states that the celebrity who used to be best friends with Kim Kardashian cleared it in less than an hour.

In her Instagram story, reported on page 6, Larsa wrote that she has been “fighting” the coronavirus for about 7 days. The star went on to say it was “not kidding,” adding that she has never experienced pain like this in her life.

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Pippen shared another picture of her legs stretched out on the bed. According to the outlet, the news about her health went online and suddenly her Instagram story disappeared from her account.

As previously reported, Pippen made the headlines earlier this week when she touched on her argument with Kim. Larsa claims her husband Kanye West brainwashed Kim and made Kim dislike her.

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During her appearance on The Hollywood Raw this Monday, Larsa directly said if the creator of Yeezy feels that Kim and his life would be better without her, so be it. Larsa says she hasn’t suffered much, but it was “hurtful” nonetheless.

Larsa assumed that everything would end anyway. Larsa reportedly video-chat the interview so there was no telling whether or not she had COVID-19. Right now it’s not clear why Larsa deleted her Instagram post, but some people on social media believe she doesn’t want to be the target of online hatred.

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It wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has been accused of being irresponsible amid the coronavirus pandemic. Ironically, her former girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, came under fire for a similar reason when she and her family rented a private island for a vacation.

Kim said she and her friends and family wanted to pretend the pandemic wasn’t going to continue, which sparked the ire of many people online.


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