Will Social Distancing Weak My Immune System? AP Illustration / Peter Hamlin

Will Social Distancing Weak My Immune System?

In short, no.

Some fear that lack of contact with others weakens their immune system by reducing active contact with germs.

But even when we are 6 feet away from others or spend most of our time at home, our bodies are continually reacting to many bacteria and other germs that live indoors and outdoors.

“We’re constantly exposed to microbes,” said Akiko Iwasaki, an immune system researcher at Yale University. “Our immune system is always triggered.”

The effects of childhood vaccines and other immunity are also long-lasting, Iwasaki said, and won’t go away overnight because we keep our distance from others during the pandemic.

Experts say anyone looking to boost their immune system during the pandemic should practice habits like managing stress, eating healthy, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep.

“These are the things that actually affect the immune system,” Iwasaki said.

A seasonal flu shot will also protect you from another possible illness.

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