Donie O’Sullivan, 29, CNN: We reached the barrier at the foot of the Capitol when they broke through. It was a dramatic moment, but also surprisingly undramatic, as there were obviously not enough police officers or barricades.

Kadia Goba, Axios: Capitol Police came on the speaker to say there was a violation. When you walk into this marble building, it seems sacred to the people who work there. They just don’t think about intruders gaining access to that part of the building.

Marcus DiPaola, freelancer: This guy grabs my shoulder and says, “Who do you work for?” I say, “I’m a freelance photographer.” He says, “Have you ever worked for CNN?” And then he pulled me out of the way and stormed inside.

Zoeann Murphy, The Washington Post: One of the Trump supporters who joined in the police yelling takes out her cell phone and says, “Oh my god, guys, listen. The president tweeted. He says we are a land of law and order and I think we should go. “She read the tweet aloud maybe 15 times. It was so clear that even when the president wasn’t giving instructions on purpose, people were getting it as an instruction. And then that area dispersed quite a lot.

Robert Moore, British ITV: I went to sleep around 3 or 4 a.m. and was up a few hours later. What surprised me is the interest in Europe and especially in Great Britain with what is happening here. This is viewed as a landmark story that shatters the myth about the stability of American democracy.

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– Carole

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