Expect: Dream about your first short vacation after vaccination. The planning process alone can be a powerful source of fun.

Play: Check out tracks from HER, Nile Rodgers and Cardi B in this week’s new music recap.

Treat yourself. At Home offers a comprehensive collection of ideas on what to read, cook, see, and do while staying safe at home.

Once a month, around 15 musicians, pop culture figures, and New York Times writers and editors select the piece they want to play for a friend who is tied to a topic – be it an instrument, a composer, a genre, or a Language type. Here’s a look at our series titled “5 Minutes That Will Make You Love _____”. (This month’s theme is string quartets.)

The aim of the series is to make classical music as accessible to readers as a Top 40 title. You don’t need to know the difference between a cadenza and a concerto. “It’s all about joy and exploration,” said Zachary Woolfe, classical music editor for The Times.

Now, two and a half years and a dozen segments on the project, Zachary said he was surprised at the readers’ appetite for the series, regardless of the topic. “It’s like ‘OK’, 5 minutes that make you love Mozart,” he said. “But ‘5 minutes that will make you love baroque music’? Or ‘5 minutes that you will love 21st century composers’? But both of them did great too.”

The series was expanded – initially to individual instruments such as the piano, then to genres such as opera and composers such as Mozart and Beethoven. Whatever the topic, it’s a five-minute interlude that is guaranteed to delight you.

That’s it for this briefing. I wish you a quiet Monday.

– Natasha

To Melissa Clark for the recipe and to Theodore Kim and Jahaan Singh for the rest of the break. To Theodore Kim and Jahaan Singh for the break from the news. You can reach the team at briefing@nytimes.com.

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