Internet personality Jake Paul has continued his trend of seemingly calling everyone with a pulse when he challenges 15: 1 professional boxer Dylan Moran – who says he would make both Paul brothers easy.

23-year-old Paul is 2-0 in the boxing row and wins against YouTuber ‘AnEsonGib’ and former professional basketball player Nate Robinson on the map of Mike Tyson’s comeback fight in November against Roy Jones Jr.

But Paul – a close friend of world boxing champion Ryan Garcia – is looking for a more robust test for the third time he steps into a boxing ring, and has identified Conor McGregor’s training partner Dylan Moran as an ideal candidate.

Moran, a 26-year-old from Waterford, is considered to be one of the best young prospects in Ireland, a country that is often well above his weight on the international racetrack.

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He was drafted into McGregor’s camp for a pre-fight training camp in Portugal, where he was supposed to prepare the Dubliner for his January 23 argument with Dustin Poirier – and McGregor praised his compatriot’s sparring efforts.

“The laps were super tight though; razors!” McGregor wrote about Moran online. “Dylan is one of the better boxers I’ve ever shared the ring with. A phenomenally exciting Irish talent!”

This seems to have caught Paul’s attention. Much like his older brother Logan, who will fight Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition game on February 20, Jake’s approach seems geared towards reaching the periphery of McGregor’s ecosystem for a lucrative box office bonanza battle with the former UFC lead champion.

Paul previously had a rivalry with another McGregor training partner, Dillon Danis.

Warning: video contains swearing

“Conor takes up easy fights. But he sparring in Ireland!” Paul stated incorrectly in an Instagram video.

“He boxed and fought a phenomenal and exciting Irish talent,” he added with a wry smile.

“This kid must be really good because Conor is a ‘good boxer’, right? And then we looked that kid up!

“Ladies and gentlemen, present you: the big, bad, exciting Irish talent – Dylan Moran, the kid Conor McGregor is fighting. Take a look!”

With all the seriousness of what’s going on in the world right now, the thoughts of this Tictok guy Jake Logan chuckle who’s having a real boxing match with a real pro according to @pro_dylanmoran standards. In his corner, the towel should better be ready after a round.

– Coach Kavanagh (@John_Kavanagh) January 12, 2021

In response to the video, Moran says that he certainly didn’t see the funny side.

“I’ve seen the video and personally find it very disrespectful,” he said in a retaliatory video post.

“When he or Logan shows up, I’ll sleep these boys. They have to be taught some manners.

“Jake, I’ve been watching you fighters online for the past few weeks, good people, fighting for fights and shouting offers.

“This is my offer to you: I’ll be coming to America today, tomorrow, or any other day. You and me go to the legendary Floyd Mayweather’s gym and we get in the ring … doghouse rules. And let’s see. how that works for you.

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“I’m going to rip your head off Jake. We’re not the same.”

John Kavanagh, the SBG Ireland coach who oversees McGregor’s training prior to his clash with Poirier in the Middle East on January 23, has confirmed this point.

“For all the seriousness of what’s going on in the world right now, the thought of this TikTok guy Jake Logan having a real boxing match with a real pro at Dylan Moran’s Standard,” said Kavanagh.

“In his corner, the towel should better be ready after a round.”

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