Tiny Harris’ daughter Zonnique Pullins is currently expecting her first child and she has decided to show off her growing baby bump in a stunning black bodysuit! It’s safe to say the 24 year old mom glows as she prepares to greet her first bundle of joy and fans love that she keeps them updated on the trip!

Zonnique Pullins looked really glamorous in the photo she just shared on social media while giving her followers a glimpse of her baby bump.

In the caption she wrote, “I’m glad to pull someone up and eat.”

The young mom-to-be also made sure to call Fashion Nova as her skin-tight black ensemble is from the brand.

Right now it seems that Zonnique has been celebrating her stepdad, TI’s birthday, since he just turned 40!

That being said, you can see her sitting at a long table, having fun and eating delicious food with the family on the rapper’s special day.

But the bodysuit wasn’t the only item of clothing she wore as Zonnique also wore a trendy oversized denim jacket over it.

She also has a baseball cap, a pair of matching stilettos, a Prada bag, and a necklace with the initial “Z!”

Zonnique Pullins also had her nails painted neon green and they were very visible on her clothes and dark hair as she ran her hand through her long locks.

‘MOOD! Somebody’s food is good every time !!!! LOL, ‘someone in the comments was referring to her caption.

Her baby daddy Bandhunta Izzy also checked out her comments section to write ‘Hey Baby Mama’ and leave 4 heart emojis.

Previously, Zonnique revealed how she shared the pregnancy news with TI while chatting with HollywoodLife, telling the news agency, “Well, it was a little bit about me and the producers [of The Mix]. I wanted to go out on the show with a bang. So I said, “Let’s tell them on the show whatever is no big deal!” although it was a big deal for me to tell him regularly first. But I say, ‘It is whatever. So yeah, we all got together and said, “OK, let’s do it.”


Apparently TI thought she was just kidding at first.

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