The Los Angeles Department of Health released new data on Covid-19 on Saturday, reporting 23 new deaths and 700 new positive cases.

Today’s numbers show hospital admissions continue to decline. However, the number of cases and deaths reported may reflect delays in weekend reporting.

The reported data brings LA County to a total of 23,078 deaths and 1,217,707 confirmed cases.

At the time of reporting, 676 people with Covid-19 have been hospitalized, 25% of whom are in the intensive care unit. Test results were made available to more than 6,061.00 people, with 19% testing positive.

COVID-19 Daily Update:
March 27, 2021
New cases: 700 (previously 1,217,707)
New deaths: 23 (23,078 to date)
Current hospital stays: 676

– LA Public Health (@lapublichealth) March 28, 2021

Five of today’s new deaths were from those over the age of 80. Seven people lost to the virus were between 65 and 79 years old, while 10 were between 50 and 64 years old. Of the reported deaths, one was from Long Beach City.

With the spring break and a number of religious and spiritual holidays approaching, Public Health advised LA residents to continue avoiding non-essential travel, recalling that travel and face-to-face gatherings increase the risk of spreading and / or spreading Virus. At present, transmission is still widespread and has actually increased in other states and countries.

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According to the state’s Covid protocols, people coming to LA County from outside the state must self-quarantine for 10 days.

Travel and gatherings for spring break or religious / spiritual holidays increase the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19. Public health reports 23 new deaths and 700 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in LA County. Further information can be found at

– LA Public Health (@lapublichealth) March 27, 2021

“We’re so close, maybe just a few more months, before enough people are vaccinated to expedite our reopening without any adverse effects. However, we remain very concerned about reports of rising cases of COVID and hospitalizations in a growing number of states. We know the virus doesn’t respect borders.said Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “If we can hold the line here and prevent another wave of increasing infections, we will soon see the profound benefits of our mass vaccination efforts in reducing the spread of the virus and most importantly in preventing COVID hospitalizations and deaths can. ”

With LA County in the red row of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, cinemas, museums, zoos, aquariums, and restaurants have reopened at 25% capacity. Gyms, fitness centers, yoga and dance studios are allowed to reopen with a capacity of 10%, with a masking requirement for all indoor activities, while retail and personal care services are allowed to increase the capacity to 50% under the same security conditions are confirmed. Indoor shopping centers have managed to reach 50% capacity, although the public areas remain closed. In addition, the school and colleges have reopened for personal activities with the necessary security changes.

Currently, private gatherings of up to three separate households are allowed indoors when there is masking and social distancing. However, these meetings should be limited to a period of two hours. In the meantime, fully vaccinated people can gather in small groups with other people who have received both vaccines without the need for masking or distancing.