Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has been labeled “so non-contact” following comments made in an interview on Spanish television attempting to justify the creation of the controversial new European Super League.

On the hugely popular El Chiringuito show, the senior billionaire stated that the La Liga champions were financially “ruined” after losing $ 482 million in the past two seasons, while a total of $ 6 billion was lost between the 12 founding outfits .

Perez claimed the move was being made to “save football at this critical moment” and also outlandishly said that “young people are no longer interested in football” and put forward ideas about the 90-minute games to shorten keep their attention.

“The audience is decreasing and the rights are decreasing and something had to be done. We are all ruined. Television has to change so that we can adapt, ”said Perez.

According to Perez, the younger generation is turning out “because there are a lot of poor quality games out there and they’re not interested – they have other platforms to get distracted from.”

In response to the flagship club competition reforms that UEFA passed on Monday, Perez argued: “If we go ahead with the Champions League, there will be less and less interest and then it will be over.

“The new format, which starts in 2024, is absurd. In 2024 we will all be dead.

At this point, is he just burning the house down to have fun and think it’s a highlight? Legacy fans are stuck in the past, future fans are simple-minded with a short attention span and managers and players are irrelevant and submissive to the slave god Money? What’s the goal here?

– Prabashni Dherman (ashBashDherman), April 20, 2021

“If you have no income other than television, you say the solution is to make more attractive games that fans from all over the world can watch with all the big clubs, and we have come to the conclusion that if not instead of one champions League We have a Super League, we could alleviate what we lost. “

When most of the fans reacted on Twitter, they were against the ESL and called Perez “out of touch” because he was uttering “so much nonsense” and “total fool”.

“What young people is he talking to?” One asked while a reviewer remarked, “He’s doing the” Millennials Killed Insert Business “stuff.”

Hearing the first cracks can occur in the ugly, misshapen building of the ESL. Two English clubs are on the verge of losing their nerve.

– Oliver Holt (@ OllieHolt22) April 20, 2021

Private disagreements between breakaway clubs occur privately. Some of the executives involved believe that they will be hung up to dry and are starting to get cold feet. You are nervous and disappointed with how this has been handled. They say: “We have not signed up for this”

– Kaveh Solhekol (@SkyKaveh) April 20, 2021

Another wondered, “At this point, is he just burning the house down for fun thinking it’s a highlight?”

“Legacy fans are stuck in the past, future fans are simple-minded and have short attention spans. Managers and players are irrelevant and submissive to the slave god Money. What’s the goal here? “

Elsewhere it has been claimed by a number of different outlets that some of the charter clubs are already getting cold feet.

“Two English clubs are on the verge of losing their nerve,” wrote a journalist from the Mail on Sunday, while another from Sky said that there is now “strong disagreement between renegade clubs in the private sphere”.

According to reports, some “nervous” and “disappointed” executives feel that they are being “hung up to dry” and that the project and the excitement it creates is not what they signed up for.

In contrast, the BBC claimed that “there is no weakening of determination within the six English clubs that have signed up for ESL” as the plans “have been thought through and will benefit the game as a whole” and the bosses are “waiting for it” the storm to subside ”.

In the Premier League, Everton released one of the strongest statements to date in criticizing developments, according to which those behind them have “betrayed the majority of football fans in our country and beyond” and demonstrated “absurd arrogance”.

“Six clubs act entirely in their own interests. Six clubs are tarnishing the reputation of our league and the game, ”he said devastatingly and turned to his domestic rivals who have decided to join the ESL.

To lighten the mood, the Wolverhampton Wanderers have changed their Twitter bio to envision an edition of the English top division that they would have won if the six ESL clubs had worked through their plan beforehand. “Probably too late to parade,” they admitted.

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