Ammika Harris is showing the fans a new look and they are exactly right for it. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

Someone said, ‘So beautiful! The bag, the dress, the face and the jewelry! Dig up everything ✔️ ‘and one commenter posted this message:’ This bag is CuTe too! Nice picture, as always. ‘

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Another follower wrote: “You are seriously my dream girl, just looks. I need this data to confirm 😍😍 ‘and one fan said,’ I’ll give you a flash forward, hello god, I’m airy, I was a Christian. God. ok and you didn’t realize your religion and the bible, also known as judaism, is the truth. ‘

One fan said, “This whole look gives me a springtime mood” and one commenter posted this message, “Beautiful mom, I’m a big fan from India” and I love AEKo. “

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Another follower said, “All right, little mom who loves this pose. What a cutie, I love this wallet too. The legs look good, sister, just beautiful. “And someone else said,” The gold, the bag, the dress, the hairstyle, the look, it’s all for me, aesthetically pleasing. “

Someone else said, ‘@ammikaaa you look great. Where does the dress come from ??? ❤️ ‘

That being said, Ammika Harris gave some glimpses into her home. Check out the latest photos she shared on her social media account.

She also shared the following post, which she captioned, “Moving things again. I get tired of the furniture very quickly … that’s for now. For the next 2-3 days or so. Far from how I want it to be Do you also have problems choosing furniture? And I’ll put Aeko’s chair in his room, lol. ‘

Ammika lives her best life with her little boy Aeko.