Biden reverses the order that cities like Portland and Seattle are “anarchist” havens – an order that federal funds had blocked them.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday officially revoked a number of orders from his predecessor, including one attempting to cut funding from several cities in the United States that former President Donald Trump viewed as “anarchist” havens.

Since taking office last month, Biden has revoked dozens of orders from Trump and enacted dozens of his own as he tried to target fundamental aspects of Trump’s legacy and advance aspects of his own agenda without going through Congress.

The latest revocation notices addressed a number of issues, including some that Trump signed in his final months in office.

Trump released a memorandum in September attempting to identify local governments allowing “anarchy, violence and destruction in American cities” during his re-election campaign, which was based heavily on a “law and order” message.

Federal law enforcement officers close a downtown street as they walk towards protesters during a demonstration against police violence and racial inequality July 29, 2020 in Portland, Oregon [File: Caitlin Ochs/Reuters]The memorandum followed civil unrest during anti-police protests and racism against George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis police force. The U.S. Department of Justice identified New York City, Seattle and Portland, Oregon as three cities where federal funding could be cut.

These cities, in turn, filed a lawsuit to invalidate the designation and stave off efforts by the Trump administration to withhold federal dollars.

There were consistent protests in these cities, particularly Portland, which sometimes turned violent. The Trump administration has also been criticized for sending troops to “kidnap” protesters.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who tackled Trump online, tweeted that her city “no longer needs to be exposed to the madness of a president ruling through Twitter or political threats. Instead of trying to withhold all federal funds from Seattle, [Biden] has proposed support for cities to help our residents and small businesses. “

Seattle no longer has to face the madness of a president ruling through Twitter or political threats. Rather than trying to withhold all federal funding from Seattle, @POTUS Biden has proposed support for cities to help our residents and small businesses, #BuildBackBetter

– Mayor Jenny Durkan (@MayorJenny), February 24, 2021

Biden also overturned other controversial orders, including Trump’s “Promote Beautiful Federal Citizenship Architecture,” which claimed America’s ancestors wanted “public buildings to inspire the American people and promote civic virtue.”

The memorandum added that architects should take inspiration from “America’s Favorite Landmarks” such as the White House, the US Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Treasury Department and the Lincoln Memorial.

An order issued by Trump in the final days of his presidency calling for “ensuring democratic accountability in regulatory setting for government agencies” to limit the ability of federal agency staff to make regulatory decisions has also been repealed.

Biden overturned an order calling on leaders across government to review welfare programs like grocery stamps, Medicaid and housing benefits and tightening work requirements for certain recipients and one that prevented many green card applicants from entering the US .