Are Hilaria and Alec Baldwin falling apart in their full house? The couple shocked everyone by having two babies in the past six months, and now they are locked in their Hampton home with six children. Alec has one grown daughter, Ireland Baldwin, with his ex-wife Kim Basinger, and now, at 62, he’s a double, diaper-changing dad! While Hilaria fills her Instagram accounts with pictures of herself that are upside down, the two are said to have taken care of their children. A new report in the upcoming issue of OK! The magazine suggests that there are problems in the couple’s marriage, and having another baby made things worse.

Hilaria was recently the subject of a scandal when several people who said they knew her in her childhood and adolescence went public to poke holes in her story. They insisted that Hilaria did not grow up in Spain and is not Spanish, but grew up in Massachusetts, where everyone knew her as Hillary. The backlash heated up and Hilaria took to Instagram to post a statement. She took a brief hiatus on social media but has since returned with a new baby, new photos, and more drama in many people’s opinion.

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Here is what a source said on OK! after describing the couple’s current life situation as an “uninterrupted nightmare”.

Hilaria is up with feedings all night and they are both tired and grumpy, especially Alec for taking care of the rest of the kids around the clock.

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The source further reported that when Alec came home from filming and was then quarantined, “was shocked to find such a mess”.

Although Alec and Hilaria seem to have a unified front, many believe this is an act for the cameras and that things are not going well for the two. Alec is 62 years old and instead of taking it easy, he’s got his hands full.

What do you think? Do you think Hilaria and Alec will make it as a couple?

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