Today the Arkansas Senate passed Bill HB1570 to deny all transgender minors access to gender-affirming care. These include reversible puberty blockers and hormones, according to NBC News, which makes it the first state to do so. This bill is only one of two types of legislation under consideration in the United States. The other bill banning trans teenagers from participating in sports related to their gender identity has already been passed in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Before the bill was passed, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) used its Twitter account to speak out against the bill. Chase Strangio, assistant director of transgender justice for the ALCU LGBT & HIV project, described the bill as “the most extreme anti-trans law ever passed by a state legislature”. Chase also mentioned that trans people who live in the states where the bill was passed fear what the coming months will be like when more states are let in on the bill.

The ACLU stands ready to continue fighting for transsexual rights. Chase told NBC News that the organization will sue if the Bills or other states take similar action. Additionally, the ACLU on Twitter is urging supporters to take action by calling Governor Hutchinson and telling him to veto the bill. Rumba Yambú, the director of an intransitive trans support group, is making sure the ACLU is not alone in this fight. He also advised NBC News that they will continue to fight.

As for the next move on the bill, it will now go to Governor Asa Hutchinson, and if he doesn’t reject the bill, Arkansas will be the first state to ban gender affirmative care for trans teenagers.

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