A Werder-Bremer player took “one” – or rather three – for the team at a Bundesliga clash this afternoon.

In an away game against Werder Bremen on Saturday afternoon, Marco Friedl prevented a violent shot by Robert Andrich with a 1-1 draw.

The ball hit him in the lower regions, Friedl went to the ground, of course, where he was hit again in the middle by Andrich when he tried to get a cross.

When the ball went to the wing and the referee had already whistled to end the game, Andrich made it unhappy for the third time by shooting him right at Friedl’s feet.

“Save your thoughts for Werder Bremen’s Marco Friedl, who had a rather unfortunate day …” wrote a title in an official Bundesliga clip of the incident.

ESPN called, “Talk about taking one for the team …”

And this caused one user to reply, “He put his kids on the line too”.

Many others were reminded of the fictional sports character Scott Sterling and took the opportunity to publish a praised sketch in which he, as a goalkeeper, rescues an incoming ball with his head.

The clip became an internet sensation and went viral on YouTube with over 20 million views within a few months.