Australian ‘Blonde Bomber’ Ebanie Bridges scored a unanimous win over long-lived rival Carol Earl on her return to the ring, as fans claimed prominent promoters could “sell” the curvy pugilist for future fights.

Bridges improved their unbeaten record to 5-0 when she won the ANBF Australasian title on Saturday in the super bantamweight division in New South Wales by beating 45-year-old New Zealander Earl.

The fight was preceded by a typically racy trip by Bridges – who also works as a math teacher in Sydney – to the scales when she removed a blue bikini. This was in stark contrast to the Muslim rival Earl, who had formally weighed himself in the bathroom to take her beliefs into account.

Full weighing video. She was 1.5kg over 3.4 pounds so of course, regarding her religion, we had to take the bathroom scale and take off all of her clothes and she was on weight. WE’VE GOT A FIGHT! 🔥🔥🔥

– Blonder Bomber @ ♀️😈 (@EbanieBridges) March 12, 2021

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When the couple stepped between the ropes on Bankstown City Paceway on Saturday, it was Bridges who showed up with a raised hand through a decisive victory.

Bridges, 34, returned after a hiatus of more than a year, then paid tribute to her 45-year-old rival, who fought herself for the first time since April 2019.

After more than 13 months out of the ring, I finally got back in there and got the UD WIN💪🏼 Fk that Carol Earl is tough. With full respect 2 her, she hit it and has a granite chin. Was great 2 for getting rid of the rust and doing laps on the bench. I can’t wait 4 what’s next

– Blonder Bomber @ ♀️😈 (@EbanieBridges) March 13, 2021

“After 13 months out of the ring, I’m finally back and won the UD,” tweeted the blonde boxer.

“She has full respect for her, she made it and has a granite chin. Was great for getting rid of the rust and doing laps on the bench. I can’t wait to see what’s next. “

As for her final trip to the ring, some fans urged noted matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn to kick off a showdown with the vacant WBA bantamweight title winner of the April second leg between Britain’s Shannon Courtenay and Rachel Ball on the Game.

Yes! @EbanieBridges won! What a fight. To come back from an injury and have such a good crack, I have massive respect for her. Carol Earl is a tough person too. Well, to nail down the bigger fights it deserves. 👍🏻🥊🔥 # / WmtWGhAgir

– Joel Green (@JGsFightTalk) March 13, 2021

Ball was scheduled to hit Bridges for the title in November before the Aussie retired with an arm injury. Instead, Ball met Jorgelina Guanini, whom she turned out for the WBC subtitle.

On that occasion, the glamorous Bridges were accused of deserving the title shot because of their “fake breasts,” which led them to sarcastically shoot back.

Fake breasts help you invest (a small weight penalty) and exciting fighting styles, personality and charisma. It’s an entertainment sport. Hatred and complaints don’t get you any further Advice oh & fake boobs Defs fake boobs🥊🍀

– Blonder Bomber @ ♀️😈 (@EbanieBridges) October 5, 2020

After Bridges beat Earl on Saturday, a fan begged boxing promoter Hearn to promote the Aussie for whatever she was worth.

“Now it goes to the winner of [Courtenay] vs. [Ball]. [Eddie Hearn] You can sell the shit out of this, ”the Twitter user wrote in a message shared by the boxer.

Bridges’ profile is such that she earlier revealed during the Covid pandemic that she found a bizarre but lucrative sideline selling her training socks to foot fetish fans.

Desperate customers even paid up to £ 500 ($ 700) for the sweaty items, according to Bridges, who called the shoppers “crazy.”

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