Tekashi 69 continues to be a topic of discussion on social media. Good or bad, you love him or hate him, it seems like he posts something shocking every day to get attention. He shared a vulnerable side of himself with his fans earlier this morning by revealing that he had left social media and music for six months after gaining significant weight. We are all human and we know weight is a sensitive issue, but no one could have expected this from Tekashi, who appears to be fearless.

Many roommates and public figures commented on the first post we shared about Tekashi’s weight loss journey. BRS Kash entered The Shade Room and asked a question about the rapper “Za Za”, “The King Of New York Though?”. That seemed to trigger Tekashi, and he wasted no time clapping back and commenting, “You’re a one-hit wonder. Please have a seat. “There is no denying that his song” Throat Baby, “which is RIAA Certified Gold, is a huge hit. Kash shot back and didn’t seem bothered by Tekashi’s claim. He replied,” Well are you telling me you’re over Biggie and JayZ? is my question. “

Fans of the rapper were easily on the side with Kash that he got the better music out of the two. One commented: “Throat Baby better than all 69 songs.” Another commented: “When was the last time you heard someone say they put on tekashi?” Tekashi has defended its actions at its own discretion, and commenting on The Shade Room is one thing you can continue to expect. He replied, “Anyone who’s tough on the internet … you make an excuse to every rapper … I’ve been talking crazy to everyone since 2018, still untouched. They’ll say,” You are hiding behind security. “But if something happens I’ll say,” AS YOU SHOULD! “Lol, go for miserable people.”

As the new rapper to the game fans are getting used to, Kash seemed to clear the air, essentially saying that his question was a question and that it was nothing to be insane or get over it. Roommate, do you think the back and forth was necessary?

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