Canadian broadcast journalist Marci Ien will join Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. Ien, who ran for the Liberal Party at the Toronto Center, won Monday night and will occupy the seat of former Treasury Secretary Bill Monreau, reports CTV News.

The longtime television reporter knocked out Annamie Paul, Benjamin Gauri Sharma, Brian Chung and Dwayne Cappelletti, among others. Ien got 41% of the vote, nine more than Paul.

Ien began her career at Ontario’s CHCH-TV in 1991 at the news and general purpose desks. In 1997 she brought her reporting talent to CTV. Before hosting the daytime talk show The Social in 2017, Ien was a reporter for the network and co-host at CTV’s Canada AM.

Monreau’s resignation came abruptly in August, amid tensions with Trudeau over massive spending on the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Toronto star.