A senior Capitol security official on Tuesday debunked allegations made by some Republicans that Democratic lawmakers delayed the deployment of the National Guard during the January 6 uprising.

The then Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund previously said it took an hour for then Sergeant Paul Irving to approve his application for National Guard troops. Sund claimed that Irving had told him to “step up the chain of command,” which would include elected congressional leaders from both parties.

On Tuesday, Irving denied that schedule, claiming there was no delay.

Sund’s earlier comments led some top House Republicans to accuse Democrat Nancy Pelosi of slowing the National Guard’s response during the attack.

They sent a letter to Pelosi last week asking them to explain any involvement and accusing their office of “obstruction”.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri who propagated former President Trump’s lies about electoral fraud, raised the issue at the Senate hearing on Tuesday. He asked Irving if politicians had delayed desperate requests for National Guard troops while the Capitol was stormed on Jan. 6.

“You haven’t waited for the Congress to take place? … You never waited for her at any point, there was no delay in receiving requests from the National Guard? “Asked Hawley.

“No, absolutely not,” said Irving.

This exposes comments from Rep. Jim Jordan, a top Ohio Republican, who wrote the letter to Pelosi. Last week he tweeted about the slow deployment of troops, saying, “During the attack, the Capitol Police made the request again. It took Pelosi’s team over an hour to get approval! “