China, along with Russia and Mexico, are holding back to send a message of congratulations to Joe Biden. The result of the vote has not yet been determined.

China has taken note of Joe Biden’s declaration of victory in the US presidential election but is holding back to send messages of congratulation.

State Department spokesman Wang Wenbin said Monday that the outcome of the election will be determined under US law and procedures, and that Beijing will follow international practice in expanding its views.

China had a fragmented relationship with President Donald Trump, marked by growing friction over trade, technology, and competition for influence in Asia and the world. The two powers discussed issues ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to Beijing’s human rights record in Beijing’s Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

Analysts say Biden is likely to reconnect with a less controversial state, despite Beijing’s position during the election not to comment directly on what it believes is an internal American political problem.

“I found that Mr. Biden had declared victory,” Wang told reporters at a daily meeting. “We understand that the outcome of the presidential election will be determined by US laws and procedures.”

In 2016, President Xi Jinping congratulated Trump on November 9, the day after the election.

China is one of the few high-profile nations, including Russia and Mexico, that have not yet issued statements on the election in which Democrat Biden emerged victorious over Republican incumbent Trump after days of voting. Trump has not yet conceded and is challenging counting across multiple districts.

“Since when has the Lamestream media been calling who our next president will be?” Trump said in a tweet on Sunday.

Since when has the Lamestream media been calling who will be our next president? We’ve all learned a lot in the past two weeks!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 8, 2020

Relations between China and the US are worst in decades on disputes from technology and trade to Hong Kong to the coronavirus, and the Trump administration has sparked a spate of sanctions against Beijing.

While Biden is expected to maintain a tough stance on China – calling Xi a “thug” and vowing to lead a campaign to “pressure, isolate and punish China” – he likely will take a more measured and multilateral approach.

Wang Huiyao, head of the China and Globalization Center and advisor to the Beijing government, said he expected more dialogue under a Biden government.

“Biden’s election provides an opportunity to re-establish relations with the US as he is more likely to maintain multilateralism. That means China and the US can start discussing issues like climate change, pandemic control and trade, ”said Wang.

“Embroiled in Controversy”

Hu Xijin, editor of the Global Times, a tabloid for the ruling Communist Party’s People’s Daily, said in a tweet: “China did not congratulate Biden on his victory as quickly as Western countries.”

“I think that’s because China needs to keep a distance from the US presidential election in order not to get caught up in its controversy. It actually shows that China respects the US as a whole, ”he added.

China’s view is in line with both its stated policy of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries and its desire to hedge its bets with the party that ends up in office.

Without commenting on an election winner, Wang said Beijing will “always maintain that China and the US should strengthen dialogue and fellowship”, develop cooperation, and “manage and control differences based on mutual respect.”

Wang added, “We hope the new US administration can hit China halfway.”