Conor McGregor is determined to prove that lightning won’t strike the UFC Octagon twice after confirming his July 10 rubber match against Dustin Poirier and telling fans he’ll show them “what it’s about.” on Mac “.

Just hours after Dustin Poirier signed his contract for the UFC 264 trilogy fight, McGregor followed early Saturday to seal the second installment of their long-running rivalry.

The rematch will take place just months after Poirier, who became the first man in mixed martial arts or boxing to end McGregor by strikes in his career after his successful strategy of beating the infamous Dubliner with a volley of calf blows in his fight in January, had paid off en route to a TKO target in the second round.

McGregor took a boxing approach when they last met, leaning heavily on his forefoot to allow Poirier to unleash the barrage of kicks that McGregor later said made him virtually immobile in the cage.

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But as with his rematch with Nate Diaz in 2016, McGregor plans on becoming the master of reinvention again, promising to “adapt and utterly destroy” the Louisiana natives when they cross one last time this summer.

“The fight is booked out!” McGregor announced on Twitter. “July 10th, you’ll see what the Mac is about. Customize and absolutely destroy!”

Make sure you don’t get dropped like a Saturday voucher this time

– killerzombies1 (@ killerzombies14) April 3, 2021

It remains to be seen what adjustments McGregor and his trainer John Kavanagh will attempt this time around – but it stands to reason that the pure boxing schedule will at least be changed to allow Poirier’s battle-filled calf kicks to be neutralized.

In the second Diaz fight, for example, McGregor gave up the headhunting approach, which he used to wipe out his own energy levels when he first met in order to find a more measured approach, aiming at the Californian’s legs and again allowing openings for McGregor’s laser vision left hand.

How can he talk such a good game when he keeps getting beaten up?

– Sweens (@ Sween_JP6) April 3, 2021

Don’t lose. Your career probably depends on it.

– Anthony (@ Torgrude45) April 3, 2021

Most noticeably, however, the January iteration of the Irish was perhaps the most punchy we’ve ever seen in the UFC cage.

Gone was the fleet of feet that stunned Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden when McGregor became the UFC’s first ever doubleweight champion, replaced by the more dodgy approach that Poirier was more than happy to counter.

With McGregor’s future title ambitions likely to be directly dependent on the outcome of events in July, this is possibly the most important fight of his entire career.

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