Coronavirus tests, which Maryland Governor Larry Hogan imported from South Korea, were flawed and not used, the Washington Post reported

Coronavirus tests imported from South Korea by the governor of the US state of Maryland were flawed and not used, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

According to the newspaper, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan spent $ 9.46 million in April to import 500,000 coronavirus tests from South Korea.

But the tests proved flawed and the state “quietly” paid the same South Korean company an additional $ 2.5 million for 500,000 replacement tests, the Post said.

A University of Maryland lab was said to have stopped using the replacement tests after a spate of suspected false positives, but a private lab was still using them.

Around 370,000 of the replacement tests were used by the private lab, the Post said.

A frequent critic of President Donald Trump, Hogan trumpeted the arrival of the South Korea Tests in April and praised his South Korean-born wife’s support in getting them.

Hogan declined requests to comment on the newspaper’s story, the Post said.

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