Czech President Milos Zeman’s office has issued an extraordinary reprimand to UEFA after the European Football Association decided to beat Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela with a 10-game ban for “racist behavior”.

UEFA announced on Wednesday that Kudela would be suspended for an extended period after accused of referring to Glasgow Rangers player Glen Kamara as a ‘monkey’ in the teams’ explosive Europa League encounter in Ibrox in March to have.

Kamara was suspended for three games for attacking Kudela in the tunnel after the game, while his Rangers teammate Kemar Roofe was given a four-game suspension for a shocking high tackle that left Slavia goalkeeper Ondrej Kolar with a fractured skull has been.

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The most controversial scenes involved Kudela and Kamara after the former stabbed something in the latter’s ear during a fracas towards the end of the game, provoking an angry reaction.

Kamara and Rangers have insisted that Kudela was guilty of racist abuse, despite the Czech international claiming he merely berated Kamara and called him a “damn bloke”.

Rangers Glen Kamara is being racially abused by a Slavic Prague player, according to Steven Gerrard. Let’s see what uefa has to say about it.

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Now the dispute has dragged itself into the office of Czech President Zeman, who accused UEFA of having discriminated against black people with their judgment.

“You have convicted a decent person without a single piece of evidence,” said a letter from Vratislav Mynar, Director of the President’s Office to the UEFA Disciplinary Committee.

“They make it impossible for athletes to fulfill their dreams of playing in the European league. All of this is just to meet the perverse expectations of a small group of activists and a team that couldn’t win on the field. Now only empty and hurtful sentences about racism are shouted.

“You have turned the fight against racism into a fight of the unsuccessful against the successful. It has become the height of hypocrisy, positive discrimination, and awkward thinking about silly trends. “

“Your efforts can lead to the opposite, that is, a situation in which a person with a skin color other than black is discriminated against, oppressed and deprived of their rights.

“That is why I think it is necessary to oppose your decision.”

The letter continued: “I understand that you are probably not used to such behavior, but allow me to tell you: I really appreciate the fact that the Czech public in society as a whole does not identify with your judgment .

“On the contrary – you have managed to unite old rivals – even temporarily. We will not kneel before you. There are no threats against a Czech football fan.”

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The incredible reaction comes after some observers claimed Kudela deserved much more than the UEFA competition 10-game ban that was imposed. Some online gamers even claimed the 34-year-old should be banned from football for life.

After the sanction, Kudela’s attorneys reiterated his innocence claims and said they were “surprised” by the verdict – but the star apologized nonetheless to his rival, the Rangers.

“In retrospect, I realize that it was a mistake to even go to Glen Kamara and tell him something,” said Kudela, who was still able to appeal the ban.

“There were emotions in the game and unfortunately I can’t take it back now. I’m so sorry.”