Just like many others out there Demi Lovato is not at all convinced of that Rudy GiulianiThe excuses don’t make sense. As you know, the politician was caught on camera in the hotel room with an actress who played an underage interviewer as part of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat 2 project.

The actress, who is actually over 20 years old in real life, played the teenage daughter of the character played by Cohen, and when they interacted during the interview, Rudy found himself in such a compromising position.

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But even with video evidence, Rudy Giuliani claims it was all “complete invention,” something Demi Lovato and many others didn’t buy in the slightest!

That being said, the singer and actress used social media to cast a shadow over the man as to his explanation of what happened.

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Rudy has claimed that he simply put his shirt on after taking out his audio recorder, which makes no sense in this situation.

‘The borate video is a complete invention. I was just putting on my shirt after taking off the recorder. At no point was I inappropriate before, during, or after the interview. When Sacha Baron Cohen implies that he is otherwise an ice cold liar, “is the tweet of the man who defends himself.

Different angle …… a normal shirt 😒 pic.twitter.com/uuimmGuMoh

– Iz 🛸 (@izzjarq) October 21, 2020

In response, Demi asked mockingly, “So you usually drink with reporters, follow them into the bedroom, then lie down on the bed and let them take your microphone off for you? I think I got my interviews wrong …[laughing emoji.]’

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Although the film, entitled “Subsequent Movie Film: Delivering an Amazing Bribe to the American Regime for the Benefit of the Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” has not yet been released, copies of it have been sent to some of the biggest news outlets to expose Rudy Giuliani.

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