The man who was in a car with George Floyd when police approached and removed them from the vehicle says he will not testify in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Morries Hall will invoke the fifth amendment and will not say whether he will be called to the booth, according to a file submitted by his public defender Adrienne Cousins.

Judge Peter Cahill has not yet decided on Hall’s motion to be released as a witness.

Hall, Floyd’s friend, is on the prosecutor’s list of potential witnesses and is now asking the court to deny his subpoena because he will not testify.

On Wednesday, the jury watched a video of Floyd and Hall being removed by police from the Mercedes SUV in which they were sitting across from Cup Foods.

A witness who worked at Cup Foods described Floyd and Hall each attempting to use a $ 20 bill, which he identified as a fake.

Hall fled Minnesota shortly after Floyd’s death, according to his August 2020 statement to investigators cited in court documents.

He was eventually arrested in Texas on pending arrest warrants that Minnesota had issued before Floyd’s death, including one for being a criminal in possession of a firearm.

Hall is also accused of trying to get rid of evidence the day Floyd died.

“The surveillance video from the nearby Dragon Wok restaurant shows that Mr. Hall was apparently using Mr. Floyd’s resistance as a distraction to destroy evidence,” a court document filed by the defense said. The video shows Mr. Hall looking through the windows of Mr. Floyd’s vehicle to make sure he wasn’t being watched by the police, then … Mr. Hall secretly threw something in the sewer on the street. «

His public defense attorney did not immediately return a call from CNN.