Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute for the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, originally made a huge contribution to the daily White House news about COVID-19. After a few months, he fell out of favor with the government when he publicly disagreed with President Trump on issues such as wearing masks and possible COVID-19 cures.

As of this morning, the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center reported that 1,115,079 people have died from COVID-10 worldwide. 27,541,983 have recovered from the infection. The United States is the world leader in virus deaths with 219,765 deaths. Brazil ranks second with 153,905 deaths. Dr. Fauci appeared on the television newscast 60 Minutes last night to discuss his views on the pandemic. Millions of people follow his recommendations, but many doubt him – those who don’t believe COVID-19 is a serious illness.

One topic that is widely discussed on social media is the fear that Dr. Fauci wants to close the whole country. Dr. Fauci denies this and is currently not pleading for a national US closure. During the television interview he said: “[I]It would have to be really, really bad “to justify such a shutdown. “”[T]The country is tired with limitations, “he said. Instead, the country must take tough public health measures to reopen the economy and get people back to work.

What public health measures? Wear masks, keep social distance and wash hands.

M.onesks work

When the virus first spread in the U.S., Dr. Fauci and many other experts stated that the public did not need to wear masks to protect themselves from infection. At the time, researchers believed the virus was spread more through touch than through the air. And those in the public health sector feared that if the public bought masks, there would be few left for the healthcare providers who depend on them. However, he changed his recommendation with a month when he found he was wrong. Since then, he has been a strong advocate for the use of masks.

Dr. Fauci tried to calm the mask debate during the interview. He explained that it was clear that cloth masks reduce the transmission of infections – maybe not as good as a surgical mask or an N95 ventilator, but they work. “[M]Eta analysis studies show that, contrary to our opinion, masks really help to prevent infections. “

Masks aren’t the only thing Dr. Fauci and the White House came across. Dr. Fauci disagreed in public that the president downplayed the virus. He disagreed with President Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine as a cure or preventive agent for COVID-19 as well as timing for a vaccine. However, he did not speak publicly very often. “I was definitely not allowed to go to many, many, many shows that asked for me,” he said in an interview.

President Trump’s response to the interview

During a campaign call today, President Trump said Dr. Fauci is a “catastrophe” that has been around for “500 years”.

Mr Trump, calling to his campaign workers from his own Las Vegas hotel, said people had Dr. Fauci fed up and the country wants to carry on from the pandemic. A move that could realistically be difficult to take, considering that 32 states are reporting increases in cases and 13 states show no change from last week, the vast majority of which had increasing cases.

Dr. Fauci, the longtime director of NIAID, is credited with developing “effective therapies for formerly fatal inflammatory and immune-mediated diseases such as polyarteritis nodosa, granulomatosis with polyangiitis (formerly Wegener’s granulomatosis) and lymphomatoid granulomatosis”. His contributions to understanding how HIV attacks the body and important therapies are world renowned.

In 2016 he took part in another 60 minute interview. During that interview, he shared his concern that a global pandemic would not come too far in the future. He stated that having an influenza-like virus, similar to the 1918 influenza pandemic, was not impossible. And now his fears have been fulfilled.

Vaccines in progress

Research into a vaccine against the novel coronavirus began back in January when Chinese scientists were working on the genetic sequence of the virus. This gave researchers around the world a head start in their own research. There are currently 4 vaccine candidates in Phase 3 trials in the US and other countries around the world.

The work is progressing briskly, and this rapid pace affects some who know that a safe and effective vaccine typically takes years to develop. With that concern, 60 minutes wanted to know if Dr. Fauci can be vaccinated when a vaccine comes on the market. “[I]If the end result is the FDA approves it, I’ll adopt it, ”he said.