At least 26 schools in Michigan are reporting Covid-19 outbreaks with a total of 116 new cases, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said on Monday.

This is in addition to the 5,151 Covid-19 cases already reported in outbreaks in 81 schools. Michigan counts K-12 and colleges in its census.

The department defines an outbreak as “two or more Covid-19 cases that may be exposed together on school premises and come from different households”.

Michigan schools can choose whether the cases are from students, staff, or both, so these numbers are not all a head-to-head comparison.

Of the 26 schools reporting new outbreaks, 7 are from preschool to elementary school, 7 from middle school, 6 from high school, and 6 from college. Kalamazoo reported the highest number of new cases, including both students and staff, at 21 total.

Of the 81 persistent school breakouts, 17 are from preschool to elementary school, 7 from middle school, 26 from high school, 30 from college, and one from a graduate school. Michigan State University has the most cumulative cases involving both students and staff at 1,531.

The data is updated on Mondays until 3 p.m.

Note: These numbers were released by Michigan’s HHS department and may not exactly match in real time with the Johns Hopkins University CNN database and the Covid Tracking Project.