The actress conducted a Variety cover interview along with colleagues Debbie Allen, Krista Vernoff and Chandra Wilson, and of course Grey’s Anatomy just had to be one of the subjects! Besides that, Ellen Pompeo suggested the long-running medical show may end sooner than many might expect!

As you may know, Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for no less than 16 seasons, with season 17 just weeks away!

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Fans might be shocked and saddened to hear that this could actually be the last on the series!

During the interview, the stars discussed the show’s legacy as well as what viewers could expect from the upcoming new season.

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And since Pompeo actually teased the ending of Grey’s Anatomy close to the end, season 17 could really be the end of the series!

But while it would be very difficult for fans to say goodbye, the same can be said about the actress herself, having portrayed Meredith Gray for so long!

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“We don’t yet know when the show will really end. But the truth is, this year it could be. I don’t make the decision lightly. We employ a lot of people and have a huge platform. And I am very grateful for that. You know, I just creatively weigh what we can do. I’m very, very, very excited about this season. It will probably be one of our best times of the year ever. And I know it sounds crazy to say, but it’s true, ”Pompeo explained.

Whether it’s the best season yet or not, it will definitely be very interesting to see the pandemic get part of the plot.

“I’ll say the pilot this season – girls, wait. What no one believes we can go on, we did. Please wait. That’s all we will say about it! ‘teased the star excitedly.


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