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Since the pandemic began in December 2019, more than 800,000 people have died of the coronavirus across Europe. This emerges from an AFP balance sheet on Saturday based on official sources.

As of Saturday, 1630 GMT, 800,361 deaths were recorded in 35,395,270 reported cases in the continent’s 52 countries and territories – including Russia and Turkey.

This puts the continent’s death toll ahead of Latin America and the Caribbean, where 20,021,361 cases have 635,834 deaths. of the 502,064 deaths in the US and Canada in 28,312,719 cases; and Asia’s 247,730 deaths in 15,641,940 cases.

Across Europe as a whole, the virus recorded an average of 4,478 deaths per day last week, 14 percent fewer than the previous week.

Since November 11, the region has recorded an average of at least 4,000 deaths per day – a high of 5,700 daily deaths in late January.

However, the number of infections in Europe has been falling for a month.

However, if the curve of the average daily deaths has decreased, the trend will remain constant over the long term – since 100,000 deaths have been recorded roughly every 20 days since the beginning of November.

On December 17th, Europe recorded 500,000 deaths; 600,000 on January 7; and 700,000 on January 25th.

The hardest hit countries in Europe are the United Kingdom with 116,908 deaths; Italy with 93,045; France with 81,488; Russia with 79,696; and Spain with 64,747 deaths.

The worst mortality rates in Europe are Belgium with 186 deaths per 100,000 population; Slovenia with 178 deaths; Great Britain with 171; the Czech Republic at 169; and Italy with 154 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

However, these numbers – and mortality rates – are based on daily tolls from national health authorities and preclude later re-evaluations by statistical organizations, as has happened in Russia, Spain and the UK.

The coronavirus has killed 2.38 million people worldwide so far.

EU Covid deaths over 500,000, worst affected countries are improving

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