Jhon Viafara, who played in the English Premier League and won 34 caps for Colombia, has been imprisoned for 11 years for smuggling large quantities of cocaine between his home country and the United States.

Shamed ex-midfielder Viafara was convicted by a federal court in Texas after he was found guilty last November of importing at least five kilograms of the Class A substance into the U.S., including some missions carried over by speedboats and airplanes Mexico were carried out.

The transport, co-organized by the 42-year-old, which was delivered after the human trafficking ruling last year, is said to have been valued at around US $ 29 million.

“The defendant in this case had everything – worldwide fame, wealth and stature,” said acting US attorney Nicholas Ganjei Viafara’s role in the Gulf cartel.

“With all that said, he decided to use his talents to advance the evil of drug trafficking.

“Traffickers should understand that no matter who you are, no matter where in the world you live, the United States will prosecute you if you join a conspiracy to send drugs into our country.”

Viafara represented big clubs like Southampton, Real Sociedad and Portsmouth in Europe, although he spent most of his game days, which included more than 500 appearances, in South America.

Probably the most important point of his career was helping Colombian team Once Caldes win the 2004 main club competition in South America, the Copa Libertadores.

Speaking when Viafara spoke when he was taken onto a plane by police last year, he appeared to be expressing grief over his fall after his illustrious career as a player.

Viafara is said to have remembered his time on the pitch with Lionel Messi, with whom he once played a game between the striker and his friends and the rest of the world and played with greats like Fabio Cannavaro and James Rodriguez.

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