Female MMA fighter Darina Madzyuk proved that the fairer sex is more than capable of doing business in a cage when she ended blogger Grigory Chistyakov in a slightly different fight.

Cross-gender competitions are generally frowned upon. Commissions and organizers endeavor to ensure the safety of the athletes involved. But despite the fact that she had allowed her male opponent a staggering 390 pounds, Madzyuk’s martial arts skills prevailed decisively.

The matchup was staged by the “Our Business” promotion and contained a variety of matchups. But none caught the imagination as much as the clash between Madzyuk and Chistyakov.

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When the action began, the huge man trudged forward, forcing the fighter against the cage. But after the two were separated and the action returned to the center of the cage, Madzyuk let her fists fly.

The 28-year-old women’s bantamweight fighter stunned Chistyakov with a few stabbing blows and kept the pressure on as the huge 240kg fighter fell to the mat.

Then, with the giant male fighter lying face down on the canvas, Madzuyk unleashed a barrage of punches that forced her opponent to submit a strike template when Madzyuk called for the end of the first round.

“After this fight I’ll be actively training,” said a defeated Chistyakov after the fight.

“I will try to lead a more or less healthy lifestyle. Blogger Nastya Tuki-Tuk will be my trainer.”

Then, when he relived his defeat, he said philosophically: “It happened. She hit me well and I fell. Although she is small … I lay on my back, but she did not fall, and then I didn’t know what to do. “

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