UFC legend Anderson Silva will make his comeback in martial arts with a boxing match with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

An announcement was made on Tuesday via TMZ Sports, alleging that the Brazilian and Mexican signed their contracts as early as June 19 to face each other.

45-year-old Silva has not had a contract with the UFC since November 2020 and left the organization as one of the best mixed martial artists of all time.

During his long tenure as a middleweight champion, a cross-over super fight with Roy Jones Jr. was often discussed, but it never materialized.

But now he can at least measure his worth in the square against the son of his legendary namesake racket father, who, although not as successful as Julio Sr., was once a WBC ruler in the same division from 2011 to 2012.

“When I look back on my trip, I see that nothing was free,” said Silva. “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to test my boxing skills with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.”

“I train non-stop, always striving for resilience and overcoming obstacles. Fighting is my eternal breath.”

Commenting on the news himself, Cesar Chavez Jr., 35, said, “I have rededicated myself to the sport I love and I will be ready to face anyone at light heavyweight, starting with Silva.”

“I will be ready to be victorious on June 19th.”

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Elsewhere on the map, Cesar Chavez Jr.’s 58-year-old father will face off against Hector Camacho’s 42-year-old son.

But sports fans aren’t too impressed with the overall spectacle put together by Schoen Entertainment and Global Sports Streaming.

“Bizarre …” began a Twitter user. “I hate that for Anderson when this is a boxing match. Jr may become a clown because of his padded balance sheet etc, but he’s still a legitimate professional boxer with world-class experience and 10 years younger. Silva is stopped.”

“This is the Floyd circus [Mayweather] vs. [Conor] McGregor created, “remarked another.” Everyone who hit bubbled deep inside, they didn’t make that bag. Now everyone does it. “

“That was exciting at the beginning, but now it has lost its appeal. I don’t waste my time on it unless there is a prospect of the undercard or actual championship fights,” wrote one punter who is unlikely to intervene.