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The video played in court on Wednesday, in his own words, contains the first publicly heard defense of Derek Chauvin’s actions.

Prosecutor’s witness Charles McMillian testified that shortly after George Floyd was taken away in an ambulance, he confronted the then Minneapolis police officer and said, “I do not respect what you did.”

On the video from Chauvin’s body camera, which is shown publicly for the first time, he explains why he held Floyd back.

“We have to control this guy because he’s a sizeable guy and it looks like he’s probably into something,” Chauvin McMillian said on the recording.

McMillian previously described asking Floyd to work with officers while they were working on bringing him a police car.

“Get in the car because you can’t win something like this,” McMillian told Floyd to make things easier.

Prosecutor Erin Eldridge played a video with a police camera on Floyd who apparently had problems when officers tried to put him in the back of the police car.

An additional video showed McMillian telling officers that it was not right to put a knee on Floyd’s neck while still encouraging Floyd to comply and get in the car.

McMillian did not see the officers medically attending to Floyd or getting off him before the ambulance arrived.

The defense didn’t question McMillian.