Former Bradford City winger, Tyrell Robinson, who was also a member of Arsenal Academy, was jailed for three and a half years after professing sexual activity with an underage girl.

His girlfriend Korie Berman was sentenced to six years in prison after she was found guilty of five charges of penetrating sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl.

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Robinson invited three underage girls to his Bradford apartment in August 2018. Berman also joined the party.

The ex-gamer, who was later fired from Bradford, knew about the girls’ ages when he discussed with Berman that they were underage and joked on Snapchat that he felt like pedophiles.

“Bro, I feel like a paedo,” wrote Berman Robinson.

The three girls who had been drinking came to the players’ apartment, where Berman and Robinson gave them more alcohol.

Robinson took his victim into his bedroom and had sex with her, while Berman had sex with the other two girls who said they had little or no memory of what he had done to them.

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Robinson also took a picture of his roommate, Berman, who was in bed with the two naked victims, before sending him the photo on Snapchat.

Judge Richard Mansell, who delivered the verdict on Bradford Crown Court, said the damage the two men caused was “considerable”.

“The harm you have done to the three young girls and their families is considerable. It is perfectly clear that you were sexually attracted to one or more of these girls,” he said.