Walker Brown, who was involved in a bathroom mishap that required Oklahoma University soccer star Spencer Jones to have serious eye surgery, spoke out to defend himself against the viral fracas when a GoFundMe page was launched.

Brown – who is trained in wrestling and MMA – was spotted having a violent brawl with Jones earlier this month in a Norman, Oklahoma bar.

A 58-second clip showed Brown being pushed by another man before punching Jones several times, then slamming him to the floor and putting him in a stranglehold.


An enthusiastic viewer made an enthusiastic comment as the chaos unfolded and Brown’s brother Braden battled another man at the same time.

Jones – a starwide recipient in Oklahoma – reportedly later underwent a four-hour procedure to rebuild his left eye socket. This was the punishment he received in the brawl.

No arrests have been made, but a GoFundMe page has now been set up to help cover the cost of Walker Brown’s own medical bills as he denied any guilt for initiating the scrap.

“Hello everyone. I’m the guy in the fight video in the bathroom. I laughed with the funny comments about my cowboy boots and my cauliflower ears,” read the donation page.

“I did not comment because an investigation is ongoing. I was advised to find a lawyer. I’m also facing surgery for an injury I suffered while on the defense, and will be reviewing some unplanned medical bills and lost work time recovering from the surgery. I am a full time student who has two jobs. “

Brown was seen wiping blood from his nose before the hand-to-hand combat began outside the toilet stalls – and the trained wrestler suggested that an altercation had taken place before the footage was taped.

“I’ll say, YES, there was something that happened before the video started because my nose isn’t bleeding for no reason,” he explained, thanking people for their “overwhelming” support.

“After I hire a lawyer, I’ll make a statement so that you can know my side of the story. Thanks again for the support. “

Brown’s attorney, Steve Stice, also said the viral clip did not show “the original attack and battery” allegedly suffered by his client.

“Mr. Walker was legally entitled to defend himself on this matter,” wrote Stice, reported MMA Junkie.

“As a result, Mr. Walker suffered several injuries, including a ruptured biceps that requires surgery. We will not provide any further comments until the authorities have completed the investigation. “

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Attorney Woodrow ‘Woody’ Glass, who acted for Jones, claimed the budding soccer star tried to be a “peacekeeper” but was “the victim of this vicious attack”.

Braden Brown, also a student in Oklahoma, had subsequently tweeted that he and his brother had “shown restraint” in the scrap.

“Just to get rid of the misunderstanding, I’m the guy in the hat and this is my brother,” he wrote.

Just to get rid of the misunderstandings, I’m the guy in the hat and this is my brother. We’re not college wrestlers, we’ve wrestled since we were in diapers and MMA / cage fighting since we were 12. Unfortunately, they didn’t give us any options. We showed restraint.

– Braden Brown (@bbrownfr) February 20, 2021

“We’re NOT wrestlers in any university, we’ve been wrestling since we had diapers and MMA / cage fighting since we were 12.

“Unfortunately you didn’t give us any options. We have shown restraint. “

Walker Brown also thanked fans on Twitter, where his profile features an iconic picture of Brazilian MMA legend Anderson Silva front-kick knocking Vitor Belfort.

The siblings train at Colosseum Wrestling and MMA in Norman, which is owned by their father, Tommy Brown. The gym’s Instagram page features clips of Walker Brown exercising teens and working with adults.

By Thursday morning, the GoFundMe page had reached more than $ 38,000 of its $ 50,000 goal.