Heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has responded to UFC equivalent Francis Ngannou jibing as part of a spit that got the Mike Tyson name drawn into.

Bad blood between the two was ignited after Ngannou dethroned Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 and became the ruler of his division.

Ngannou was asked by TMZ if he would consider moving to the square circle one day. He was praised for his fight in the fight for revenge against the Croat, which was ended by a brutal knockout in the second round.

“Absolutely,” he confirmed. “I’m open to that. Remember, boxing was my main dream and I still have the fire, the dream, and I believe that at some point I’ll take a step. “

“I don’t want to fight Mike Tyson,” he added, “but I would like to fight another heavyweight boxer like Tyson Fury.”

The busy Las Vegas boy who stopped by the top rank gym this week to get ready for a super fight with Anthony Joshua has finally responded to remarks from ‘The Predator’s’.

Tagged all three men in his outbreak, Fury said to Mike Tyson, “After I smash Anthony Joshua, I’ll fry this guy too.”

“Francis Ngannou, easy work,” he wrote alongside a photo of Iron Mike and the aspiring MMA star.

Ngannou mocked Fury much faster and mocked Fury with a cut-eye through an excerpt from ‘The Gyspy King’ after facing Otto Wallin in 2019.

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“If this guy did this to you, what would I do?” He asked menacingly.

Fury later insisted that Ngannou “would do absolutely nothing” and that he would “smoke” him on the first round if they ever met.

A subsequent debate shared martial arts fans.

“He’s basically a windmill-arm cruiserweight, of course you will [roast him]”Came a reply to Fury.

“He’s cutting the weight off to hit the UFC heavyweight limit and he’s the most technical heavyweight boxer. Keep educating yourself,” replied another user on Ngannou’s defense.

I like how all MMA guys are ready to box, but no boxer is ready to kick an octagon. Shows why MMA champions, especially Ngannou, are known as the worst men in the world.

– Sicko Sports (@SickoSports), April 13, 2021

“I like how all MMA people are ready to box, but no boxer is ready to step into an octagon,” emphasized one punter.

“Shows why MMA champions, especially Ngannou, are known as the worst men in the world,” he concluded.

Wherever the fight takes place, if it ever succeeds, it is certain that it has mass crossover appeal and is up for the fighters, UFC supremo Dana White and his overlords, as well as Bob Arum, the top counterpart of White, is proving to be extremely lucrative.