GameStop stock moved between double-digit losses and gains in the first few minutes of New York trading after Robinhood clients reported trading restrictions on soaring stocks, including GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.

GameStop Corp.’s wild trade resumed Thursday due to trading restrictions on platforms like Robinhood Markets.

Stocks hovered between double-digit profit losses in the first few minutes of New York trading after Robinhood clients reported trading restrictions on soaring stocks like GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.

These and other stocks are “unsupported” on Robinhood according to a notice on at least one of its platforms. Interactive Brokers has option trading from AMC, GameStop, BlackBerry Ltd., Express Inc., and Koss Corp. brought into “pure liquidation” due to the extraordinary volatility in the markets, the company announced in a tweet. On Wednesday, TD Ameritrade from Charles Schwab Corp. transactions with GameStop, AMC and other securities are also restricted.

“I’m actually surprised that trading platforms are getting involved,” said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities Inc .. “Unless there’s something crazy in the trade that suggests manipulation, they really should get out of the way and allow investors to to act what they want. “

GameStop had previously risen more than 40% and temporarily pushed the stock above $ 500. It’s up more than 1,700% this year, fueling a rally in retail across the board and causing some short sellers to throw in the towel.

Trading has remained volatile since the last regular US session, which saw the stock rise 135%. Profits were reduced shortly after entering the market after the Reddit page that sparked the surge this month was privatized and later reopened by the group’s moderators. By the time the original WallStreetBets board was unavailable, an alternative forum called Wallstreetbetsnew reached 350,000 members.

The stock’s staggering gains in January pushed GameStop’s market value to around $ 24 billion, reaching more than a third of the companies in the S&P 500 index. Only Plug Power Inc. is bigger in the closely watched Russell 2000 Index, a long way from late 2020 when GameStop, then a $ 1.3 billion company, was firmly in the middle of that range.

“This will burn itself out like any other mania, but it will likely have some market impact,” said Marshall Front, chief investment officer at Front Barnett Associates. “The fact that these noticeable movements have occurred after a movement of almost 70% in the S&P since March shows that there is plenty of room for retreat.”

The rise of Gamestop has led analysts at Citigroup Inc. to warn investors that some exchange-traded funds are facing oversized influence from the video game retailer as the boom has changed their makeup. Analyst Scott Chronert advised clients to pay special attention to ETFs that include leverage in their funds. A larger allocation to the stock could change the fund’s performance significantly for the time being until an equalization date occurs, he said in a report.

Finish shorts

The Reddit community has dominated stock trading all week as retailers target sharply shortened stocks, causing waves in the market. Investors like Melvin Capital closed their short position on GameStop, while Muddy Waters’ Carson Block said he had “massively trimmed” his short positions over the past few days to avoid burns.

The day trading phenomenon landed in Washington on Wednesday when the White House press secretary said US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the Biden administration economics team were watching stock market activity around GameStop and other severely shortened businesses. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell evaded questions at his regular press conference on the subject.

Senator Elizabeth Warren weighed in, saying she wanted to make sure the securities regulators “wake up and get their job done.” Not long after, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it was “actively monitoring” volatility in the options and equity markets.

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