Gary Neville has used an extraordinary rant on live TV to attract top club owners like Roman Abramovich, calling for Man United, whom he played for, to be relegated from the Premier League if they support a European Super League.

The lively expert Neville has beaten up bosses in top British clubs for being “scammers” who “have nothing to do with football in this country”, calling them “no-voices” “bottlers” and the “hideous” timing of the Developments during a pandemic when many people and clubs are fighting.

The United legend simmered ahead of plans announced on Sunday to pursue the new league, which is reportedly backed by eleven clubs across the continent, including five English clubs, one of which is believed to be Abramovich’s Blues.

“It’s an absolute shame and we have to take power in this country from the clubs at the top of this league,” said the eight-time Premier League winner, demanding that the clubs be docked, untitled and fined heavily for points even relegated if they join the proposals.

“For 12 months now, as part of a different group, I’ve been calling on an independent regulator to put checks and balances in place to prevent this from happening.

“It’s pure greed. They are impostors. The owners of [United], Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City have nothing to do with football in this country.

“This country has more than 100 years of fans who have lived and loved these clubs and who need to be protected.

“I’m a Manchester United fan and have been in my life for 40 years, but I’m disgusted, absolutely disgusted. I’m most disgusted with Manchester United and Liverpool.

“Liverpool pretend ‘you will never go alone’ – the folk club, the fan club. Manchester United: 100 years, born of workers [Manchester]and they break out into a competition they can’t relegate from?

The owners of Manchester United are openly ready to turn their backs on our history and earn a few hundred million more.

– Mark Goldbridge (@markgoldbridge) April 18, 2021

The Premier League can’t allow people like the Glazers to buy Man United on a leveraged loan deal, fund most of the purchase with a loan from the bank, and then pretend to be surprised when said greedy owners get involved don’t worry about it The football clubs do something like that.

– United Peoples TV (@UnitedPeoplesTV) April 18, 2021

“Take all their points off tomorrow, put them down at the end of the league and take their money. Seriously, you have to stamp on it. It’s a criminal act against football fans in this country, make no mistake about them , they withdraw money and punish them.

“Get them canceled, but punish them immediately. If they announce that a letter of intent has been signed in six clubs, they should be severely punished. Massive fines, point deductions, take their titles away from them – who cares?”

“Give Burnley the title, let Fulham stay up. Relegation United, Liverpool, Arsenal. They should suffer the most. Chelsea, City – new money in the game, they somehow got forward [in support]. I’m not happy with them either, let’s be clear. “

Neville hit Megarich supremos including Abramovich, Sheikh Mansour in City, John Henry of the Fenway Sports Group owners in Liverpool and Americans Joel Glazer at United and Stan Kroenke at Arsenal.

“They are absolute bottle sellers,” he said, calling the businessmen cowardly. “You never hear from the owners of these clubs. They have no voice. They’ll probably go into hiding in a couple of weeks and say it has nothing to do with them. We just talked about it.”

🚨🚨 | The European Super League will be announced at 9:30 p.m. tonight. Florentino Perez will take on the role of chairman with John W. Henry from Liverpool, Joel Glazer from Manchester United and Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke as vice chairmen. @MailSport

– Madrid Xtra. (@MadridXtra) April 18, 2021

By the way, when Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea and changed football forever, the reaction was exactly the same as it is now to the European Super League news. 18 years later, we cannot imagine football any other way.

– Val (@Val ___ 3), April 18, 2021

“Seriously, in the midst of a pandemic, an economic crisis, football clubs join [non-league] Level going bust, almost, vacation players. [Lower league] Clubs are on the verge and this lot have zoom calls to tear yourself away and create more greed?

“They’ll change that statement as we speak. You’ll see the reaction, not just from people on social media, not just from the government … they’re going to walk back down the street because they’re bottle sellers, so much. Do we no mistake.

“This is a grapple, an absolute grapple. The timing is hideous. What world are these people living in to believe they can move this forward at this moment?

“You have no loyalty to this country and these leagues. That denies your own club stuff. It’s utterly embarrassing. It will never happen.”

UEFA, the Premier League and other top divisions across Europe issued statements on Sunday condemning the plans and warning that they would ruin the competitive core of football by creating a league limited to the established heavyweights and the financial and athletic gap between the elite and the elite is widening current leagues.

The funny thing is that by constantly trying to attract billionaire owners like Roman Abramovich and Sheik Mansour, the Premier League may have killed their own product.

– Alexei (@ MUFC_redarmy99) April 18, 2021

If that’s true, I want Abramovich out of this club! I don’t care about money! I love football and ruining what we fans have built there and money has hindered the sport, an absolute shame. I’m for bans and out of the CHampians League, I’m a Chelsea fan and I love this club!

– Joseph Carter (@ JSJC2991) April 18, 2021

Irate Neville was concerned about his beloved club, with which he won the Champions League twice in his nearly 20-year senior career.

“I have benefited enormously from football,” admitted the 46-year-old ex-England regular.

“I made money in football. I am not against money in football, I am against the principles and ethos of fair competition and the right to play the game so that if Leicester wins the league they will go to the Champions League. .. Manchester United is not even in the Champions League, Arsenal not even in the Champions League.

“I observe [Arsenal] Today they are an absolute mess of a football club at the moment. Tottenham is not in the Champions League and you want a god-given right to be there?

BREAKING: Newcastle United becomes seventh EPL team to join the new European Super League. The northeast outfit was coveted by the other six clubs and signaled that they are ready to jump. Positive effects on their longer takeover. The story follows. TA

– Trevor Azul (@thechicoazul) April 18, 2021

This European Super League will unite everyone against the clubs involved. Mark today as a great day in sports history.

– Chris Pope (@the_pope_runs) April 18, 2021

“You are an absolute joke and now is the time for independent regulators to prevent these clubs from having the power base. Enough is enough.

“Manchester United have acted like a small club for eight to ten years. They are a small club in their mentality. Arsenal are like a small club.”

“Some of the other clubs in the league that are [potentially] Misses, which are actually doing really well, behave like big clubs. As a large club, it’s not just about having a global fan base.

“I would like to believe that in the face of that, Manchester United, Liverpool would stand and say that something is wrong here. Let’s work with the game to have better competition and a better Champions League.”

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United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was asked for his thoughts after his side beat Burnley earlier at Old Trafford. It was not binding.

“I saw the news of the speculation this morning so I can’t really say much,” Solskjaer said in his post-game interview.

“I have to sit down and see what it is and the club will likely comment on it later.

“I don’t know the pros and cons – I have to find out and the club will likely comment.”

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